Our Strategy

Healthy Returns, Healthy Communities & Healthy Generations


Provide investors an opportunity to confidently invest their money such that they can preserve their capital, and make both strong returns and a healthy community impact

Give investors access to quality real estate investments that grow wealth, reduce risk and deliver tax efficient passive income

Gain the numerous tax benefits of investing in real estate without the burden of managing or analyzing properties


Multifamily real estate communities, such as apartments and mobile home parks, in which there is a strong opportunity to add value through physical, operational, and management improvements

Communities that have an intentional mission to make an impact in the local community and the lives of the people they serve

Class A, B, and C class properties


Communities in major cities and secondary markets where both the population and employment are growing

Safe and stable neighborhoods with convenient access to employment, schools, retail, transportation, and quality of life

Example markets include Dallas/Fort Worth, Daytona Beach FL, and others